The Story

Made2Move Performance Training began as many businesses do – an idea, a dream, and a belief in doing something greater, with the willpower and knowledge to do it and carry it out.

While pursuing her studies in the exercise sciences and human performance, Tina became acutely aware of a recurring theme: the human body was designed and made – anatomically, physiologically, mechanically – to move. Our bodies come with all the necessary tools and equipment to learn, monitor, assess, and carry out performance – as well as improve performance.

It is with this in mind that Made2Move Performance Training was born. We are made to move; made to interact with and perform in our environment on a daily basis. At Made2Move Performance Training, Tina will teach you how to translate this into improved athletic performance.


The human body! And all the amazing, at times nearly mind-boggling, things that it is capable of doing. The human body was made to move, made to perform. The sole reason we have a brain is to move – it is our life force, what sustains us, what enables us to learn, to feel, to adapt, and to appreciate all of these things.

What makes Made2Move Performance Training different?

Made2Move Performance Training differs from many of the other performance training companies out there because the focus and the approach is different: getting the individual to listen to and learn their body; the way it moves, the way it reacts, and how it adapts. Knowing these things are essential for optimum performance and functioning. You will not find an “8-weeks to marathon” or “8-weeks to Ironman” plan here. Instead, you will work at a more body-centric pace – adapting, learning, and experiencing the full longevity of a body properly trained. If you are looking for a quick fix program – be it weight-loss, performance training, or what have you – you are best served elsewhere. If you are in search of sustainable success (with some fun!), Made2Move is for you!