In-season (April – August) pricing:
Single sport: $250/3 months
Multi-sport: $300/3 months

Off-season (September – March) pricing:
Single sport: $200/3 months
Multi-sport: $250/3 months


Special Packages (not a part of the pricing schedule above):

Made2Move 20-week Walking Program

*This is a non-coached program*

Equipment you need: access to a safe place to walk! (trail, track, treadmill, etc)

You will begin with an initial one-mile assessment, after which you report your results to me (Coach Tina!) and I will then customize your program into one of five levels based on your results. I will then give you the entire 20-week program. I will be available to you for questions and advice, but unlike the single- and multi-sport training packages, I will not be coaching you through the program. This is a very simple and easy-to-understand program to follow, and is perfect for those who just want to get started, because we all have to start somewhere!

Cost: $200

Made2Move 30-week Marathon Training Plan

This is a coached program, and is Coach T’s very own specially-designed program employing the principles she has learned through a few years of exercise physiology and mechanics education and those she has perfected through years of training and coaching. This program is also built upon those principles designed by Dr. Jack Daniels, considered by many to be the ‘World’ best running coach’. The plan is built to your needs, and you will get the use of the special training app to easily access and line-up your pacing, intensity, and mileage for each week of training. I populate the information, you log your workout, and I receive a notification when it is completed so I am able to comment and have access to your session right away.

Cost: $600 (entire program)
*payment options available*


Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me –  I can’t be of help to you if I don’t know what it is you’re looking for!