Marathon for Manes

As some of you might already be aware – be it through word or social media channels – I am signed up to run my FIRST EVER MARATHON!!! However, it is not for myself that I am doing this; I am doing it to raise money for Wigs for Kids, to which I will also be donating my hair once it reaches a long enough length (minimum donation is 12 inches – I have a little ways to go!).
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Here you will find my campaign page, and I encourage you to please take a look, and donate should your finances and budget allow; every little bit helps. I have included my video below, so you can learn a little bit more about why I’m doing this, and what got me started. This is a first on a few levels for me – namely, my first marathon and my first time doing something for a cause.
My official training program will begin on Monday, October 30th (and of course, I will be following none other than Made2Move’s finest marathon training plan!).

Marathon for Manes

If you are not familiar with what Wigs for Kids does, I highly encourage you to check out their history, because I know that for me, as a first-time fundraiser and cause-runner (I think I just made that term up), it sealed the deal. I wanted to do something different, for a smaller organization/cause than what people out there typically do; I wanted to help shine some light on something that needed a bit more light shined upon it!
With all that being said and introduced – I hope that you will join me in this journey, for this cause. Help me to stay motivated so I can keep going, so that we can do some big and exciting things for these kids! Come on team, let’s do this!






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I will take a cue from the American Diabetes Association here, and help them get the word out:

Today is National ‘Get Fit Don’t Sit’ Day (TM).

Today, the American Diabetes Association reminds us that it’s important to get up and move throughout the day, especially at work. Challenge yourself to break up a period of sitting today. Get up and talk with a coworker instead of calling them, take a quick walk during lunch or a break, or take a longer route to the restroom. Better yet, encourage your coworkers to do the same!

(Source: American Diabetes Association)

Also, if you have been following the Made2Move Performance Training Facebook page, you will know that it is National Bike Month!  So, take all of the hints and get out there and get moving! BECAUSE YOU ARE MADE2MOVE!!!!

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A Quick Rant

frustrationOk. I cannot hold my tongue on this any longer. It REALLY bothers me when I see people in the pool –  and really this particular peculiarity is rather specific to triathletes – who are using a GPS WATCH IN THE POOL. For gosh sakes – STOP USING A WATCH IN THE POOL. THAT’S WHAT THE PACE CLOCK IS FOR. LEARN HOW TO USE IT. LEARN HOW TO READ YOUR BODY AKA USE YOUR BODY.

Seriously. Stop relying on external data to tell you what is going on and what you are doing when you should be able to internally interpret – without much thought – what your body is doing, how it is performing, and any adjustments that might be necessary to attain optimal results based upon how you are feeling on that day, on that very instant, relative to what you have set out to do.

Phew! Ok. Got that out. Or a short bit of it anyway. If you want to know more on why this bothers me, and why the pace clock is a better way to train – just ask me!

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Be a Culinary Explorer

I am going to make this as short and to-the-point as possible:
Explore. WITH YOUR FOOD.explorer

I am asked A LOT of questions pertaining to nutrition – from recipes, to meal timing, to what to eat for weight loss – I’ve fielded it all and then some. What I notice is that it really all boils down to a few simple things:

  1. Resistance to change, often in the form of not wanting to come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, your current way of doing things/eating is wrong – and no one likes to admit to being wrong.
  2. Trying to change and anything and everything startingallatoncerighthererightnownogoingback. Huh? What??! SLOW DOWN
  3. Impatience.

These methods do not work. Obviously. Has anyone ever met with success by doing any of these three things, let alone these three things altogether? No. And with the improbable chance that they have, whatever change is achieved will not be sustainable. So really, that still is not success.

Ok, so how do we do it? How do we improve our eating habits, our weight, our fitness?

Here’s my remedy to the above three:

  1. Don’t think of change – especially as it relates to your diet – as giving up the things you like. Why would anyone give up the things they like? Duh. Don’t do that. Think of it as exploring with and discovering NEW things that you like – new favorite meals and foods. Because they are out there. You just have to go all Christopher Columbus on them. Or Andrew Zimmern. Be a culinary explorer. So you tried something and you didn’t like it? BIG DEAL. Don’t try it again, and move on to something else. Just because you didn’t like ONE THING doesn’t mean you are not going to like anything else. I mean really. Come on now.


    Bring out your inner explore and see what tasty things you can concoct!

  2. Start small. Seriously. Start by trying one simple substitute, one new recipe each week, one new food. Write down 8-10 different goals that you will achieve each week for the next 8-10 weeks. Seriously. DO IT. If you want that change, and you are really, truly ready for it and willing to do what you need, then you’ll do it. You cannot meet with success by trying to upend and change everything about your diet and lifestyle all at one time. That’s too much to take on; you will be overwhelmed and so won’t your body – it will give you all sorts of signals that it’s not happy.
  3.  The human body evolved over BILLIONS of years. It is pretty foolish and absolutely unrealistic to expect it to undergo any type of change – especially a great change – in such a short time period as two weeks, or two months, or even a year. You have to have patience. Or else you will continually end up frustrated and will end up spinning your wheels right where you are. As you have been. And is that working? No. So try it this way.

thinking-lightbulbThe way you look at and approach a change to your lifestyle will have a great impact on what it is you are trying to achieve. Look at it positively, with excitement and eagerness.

Ok. I think that about sums it up. As short and as simply as I could possibly do. If nutrition is power-of-positivitysomething you are struggling with, especially if you are trying to lose weight – find a registered dietician to consult with. Even a couple of appointments could go a long way to helping you get on the right path. And don’t hesitate to throw some questions my way as well – I will do my best to help you get some answers and understand things a bit better.

Eat well, move well, and be merry, friends!yes-you-can-pic

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Intent is everything

I know I have made mention of this previously, probably a few times. Nonetheless, it is important – for any realm, not just fitness and exercise – so here it is again…

You can put in all the exercise time you want, learn all the new moves you can get your hands on, but it’s not going to get you to your end goal if you are not putting step-of-determinationany intent into it; if you’re not putting a good, concentrated effort toward that activity. In fact, the only thing you will most likely end up with is fatigue, frustration, and burn-out. That’s no good, that just does not work.

I see it fairly frequently; and by fairly frequently I mean every day. I have people who come to me asking to go through a Functional Movement Screen or a fitness test so that I can then develop a focused program for them to work on the mobility issues they have, or to work toward gaining strength or losing weight. I design the program, go through it with them, instruct them how to properly perform the exercises, and set them on their way.

determination-even-when-you-dont-feel-like-itHowever, I can only design, teach, and demonstrate – it is up to YOU to put in the effort to get to where you want to go. You have to be willing and you have to want to put the effort in to make the change. Just going through the motions does not cut it. Never will. People will wonder why they are not getting anywhere, why nothing is happening, they will say, ‘but I’m doing the exercises you gave me!’. Are you? You have to put effort into it, concentrate on it, listen to your body inwardly at what is happening and going on and changing or not changing, and then you have to make the appropriate adjustments to keep results moving in a positive direction. Get in touch with yourself. Not your electronics. Sometimes it is hard. Challenging. But that’s what change is. Focus on what you want, outline the appropriate and necessary steps, and get after it. Don’t just go through the motions. Come on. If you’re doing that, you’re wasting your time. Literally. Suck it up focus and get out there!


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When the body says ‘sleep’…

…You listen. You sleep. And no, this does not mean you can take advantage and say, ‘oh, this means I need to sleep all the time!’. No. That is not the correct interpretation. That interpretation is laziness. You do not meet goals and succeed that way. But I will not digress on that tangent further. Back to the topic!

This means that when you are not feeling well, when something within you feels a bit off, or when you have been training a lot or getting in a lot of strenuous exercise with maybe not the best refueling plan and probably not a lot of rest – your body will need sleep and  you will give it what it needs.sleep-zz

Why am I bringing this up? Because I had this very experience last evening. I finished work, came home, changed and went out to run some hill repeats. I had been feeling a bit crappy on Tuesday (as those who perused my previous post might recall), and after forgoing my afternoon workout (because I was listening to my body), and getting to bed in fairly decent shape, I woke up feeling significantly better yesterday (that would be Wednesday). So, with all sorts of vim and vigor I stepped out the door, ran some hills, came back, had a good dinner, got all my dishes washed and everything prepped for the next morning, and settled down with a flurry of excitement about how much free time I now had to get some work done. Work such as tidying up the ‘services’ page on this very website, working on some programs (like the upcoming 5k program), and getting a post written. But no sooner had I started upon my tasks, did a lethargic feeling begin to take hold. And by take hold I mean – put a weighted blanket of fatigue upon my body and eyelids. ‘Oh’, I mused, ‘I’ll just close my eyes for a bit, it’s ok, my body must need it’. This was shortly after 5:30pm. I struggled against the invisible weighted blanket of sleep to keep my eyes open and brain focused under this new-found weight, until I finally gave in. What I thought was a short period of rest found me waking up at 8:57pm. So much for that work I thought I was going to get done. I shut everything down and put my torpid body to bed. It was grateful. I was grateful.

This morning I woke up and had a great run. It pays to listen to your body. Really, legitimately, honestly, listen to your body.

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Sometimes, I don’t want to eat a salad either

I thought that it might be a good time to introduce myself and my business a bit more, or, at least, explain the background, my vision, and my dream. I will refrain from a complete rehash as to how this all got started, something you can find here, but I will explain and extrapolate a bit to go along with what is currently happening.

When I first got this thing officially up and running just over a year ago, I had everything planned out – I had done my market research, looked at how other coaches and business set themselves up, how they operated, and what they charged. I looked at their background and experience and education. I compared it with mine. I then set myself up similar to the rest of the coaching arena and advertised prices that reflected the area I was in compared with my experience and education compared with those around me. I ‘thought’ I was doing me: getting my business and my way of training people out there. It all looked great, it all sounded great. Heck, maybe all of it even was great. But there was a problem: it wasn’t working.

Why wasn’t it working? It has taken me all of this time to realize – and I think that is also part of the process, part of the path to success, this time in limbo – to realize that I wasn’tduh doing me, I wasn’t being myself. Yes, it did indeed take all of those revamps and re-thoughts and updates, to realize that I wasn’t actually doing me. I was trying to be myself in someone else’s mold. Well, duh! That doesn’t work!

Fast-forward to now: I have (once again) re-vamped my website, this time without trying to be like others. I have updated my services and prices to what makes more sense to me and why I got into this in the first place and why I want to do it: to help people. To make available to those who might not otherwise have access to or be able to afford coaching, training, and advice at the highest level possible. I don’t care to train elites. I want to work with YOU. The culture of American sport and fitness is so backwards – we give the elites and those with the most money the best exercise scientists and coaches around. Everyone has potential – money and status shouldn’t matter. And really, elites don’t need help learning to move properly or execute their skills properly – they are already doing it! That’s why they are elite! Coach or no coach, they would still be at the top of their game. (This also becomes a conversation that could hold up entirely on its own. So to risk getting to lengthy and technical, I will continue on.)

So here I am, doing my best to be as educated and knowledgeable as possible and bring it to you.

As I come to a close, I will circle back to the title, as by now many of you are probably saladwondering, ‘what does any of this have to do with salad?’. What does it have to do with salad? Nothing. Other than what I had planned on having for dinner tonight (salad), is not what I had, because I just didn’t feel like it. I know I’ve caught some sniffles and I was feeling a bit malaise, so I just did not feel like having that salad. I had a bowl of cereal instead. And you know what? That’s ok. I’m not perfect. Neither are you. I might be an avid exerciser, an exercise specialist with one heck of an educational background and a lover of salads, but I am also human. Just like you. Just like all of us. Don’t be afraid to be you, to make your own decisions, to make a new plan; you never know what might come of it. So, have that salad. Or don’t. You know you best. And you know what else? Whatever you chose, it will be ok. Just be yourself. 🙂

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For those coming to the kick-off meeting on Wednesday the 25th, the location has changed from the Hoopes Park clubhouse to Baliwick Market & Cafe in Elbridge. Same time (6pm), cozier location.  See you there!

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Maybe you are ‘hmm-ing’ and ‘hawwing’ about your fitness goals, about whether or not you need someone to help you, or if you need a buddy to help keep you accountable. Maybe that idea of completing a 5k is really starting to occupy your brain.
Consider all of these bases covered in this 10-week program.
You get:
* To train with a coach in person (me!)
* An outline of the entire ten-week training plan
* Other runners to train with – research has proven that those who train in a group will be more likely to stick to their goals! (besides, I am tons of fun to train with )
* Healthy, simple recipes each week
* The above four which added together = improved fitness (no dramatic change guarantees here, just plain and simple health and fitness improvement – no matter how ‘small’ that gain may seem, it’s really one, big, step completed on the path towards a healthier, happier, lifestyle (not that you are not already happy – but if you want to be healthier, then you can be happy that you just became so!)
* All of this, for 10 weeks, for $100.
That’s $10 per week. There are two group runs per week. That’s $5 per group training, which is an hour.

The kick-off meeting slated for the 25th at 6pm is currently undergoing a change of location – expect an update later today or early tomorrow morning!


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Run plans are up!

They have arrived!

Head to the ‘Services’ tab and take a look! From 5k to marathon, Made2Move Performance Training has you covered, at whatever level you are at. All plans are catered to you and include the initial consultation, as well as weekly contact to see where you are at and to help keep you on track.

Get running!

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