J. Kosecki

I started working with Tina in preparation for my first sprint triathlon. Since I had never run, bicycled or swam before, going from couch potato to a triathlete was more than a small feat. To further complicate the matter I had to work around multiple injuries including a spinal fusion from L3 to S1. Tina was able to not only structure my workouts around my disabilities and time frame but was also able to help me in the psychological aspect of the sport. Tina’s immense knowledge around training and nutrition coupled with her experience in endurance sports not only helped me achieve becoming an IRONMAN but has also strengthened me as a person. Tina’s attitude on training and life has taught me many things which I have been able to apply to my personal life. Tina’s tutelage will not only change your sporting experience but will enrich your life.

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