S. Mangicaro

I started working with Tina a few years ago just working with her primarily on strength. And now I’ve completed 3 full IRONMANs. Tina’s approach to coaching is unique, focused on individual needs and areas where improvement is needed. She not only understands the science and physiology of movement, but she completely gets how to help an athlete overcome weaknesses and make those become non issues. She also listens intently to her athletes and makes adjustment based on that feedback to routines and schedules. I’ve not felt better training for an endurance event in my athletic career! Living out of state has not been an issue for Tina as well. When my strength routine changes, she sends me pictures, videos and links and then spends time talking through the new routine so I’m clear on technique. Her personality and excitement is contagious. I’d recommend Tina for any athlete competing in any event from their first 5k to a full IRONMAN, she’s the best!

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