With Gratitude

It is of great importance that I initiate this blog with a note of gratitude, of dedication to the people that have made all of this possible. I would not be registered for an Ironman had it not been for 23 extremely generous and wonderful contributors the names of whom I will refrain from posting (for the time being). They are my supporters, my sponsors, and why I am able to take part in this amazing and exciting journey.

As with any endeavor, the hardest part is getting started – but as with all endeavors, everything begins with that one, single, step. From there we place another, single, step. We continue on in this manner – placing one step after another –  and before we know it, we have journeyed quite a distance, gained many a valuable insight, and been witness to and participant in many wonderful experiences – whether positive or negative. They all have a purpose – don’t ever forget that.

To this I say: Always keep that one step in mind. Always maintain perspective.

The first single step in my Ironman journey was getting registered. From there, I will share with you all of my proceeding steps to arrive at this destination, what I learn along the way, and the path of life it promotes me to follow. This will also serve to keep me honest about my training – with eyes all around, I don’t want to let anyone down! I promise to put forth my best effort.IMG_0273

As I draw this post to a close, again I say “thank-you” and offer my sincerest appreciation and heart-felt gratitude to those who have enabled me to do this; appreciation can never be displayed enough. I want everyone to know that.

Thank you.

Here begins my journey…

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