Serenity by Ski – Week 12 in Review


Another trainer session. Another Jeff Gordon towel.

Three times this past week I attempted to start a post, so that I could get everyone updated a bit more frequently, and so I could avoid an excessively verbose week’s end review post. Three times this week, I had to lend my hand to other tasks. It never fails, at the beginning of every new year, the workload increases dramatically…and the hours in the day stay the same. Bear with me as I get through it all! Nonetheless! I had a successful twelfth week of training.

Well, as I wrote in last week’s review, this week was going to be a mini-build/harder week to see if I would be able to handle the rigors of a true hard week after the decreased load I had the previous couple of weeks due to that stupid cold. How did I fare? Most excellent. I got in three very good swims this past week (finally! knock on wood!), a good session on my trainer, two good lifting sessions, some mile repeats, and to top it all off, a couple of hours of cross-country skiing. Therefore, I am feeling pretty confident coming into this week – Week 13 – that I can put in a good, solid, heavy week.

I had intended to get a longer run in on Saturday, but the snow that fell Friday night was looking to thwart my plans upon my waking up Saturday morning. I hmm’d and haww’d as the day wore on, thinking: ‘well, I can always go swim, then I won’t have to be outside in this freezing cold,’ and then I thought, ‘well, I could always try to run, but the last time I ran on roads in this condition, I screwed my knee up and couldn’t run for four months.’ Ok, cross that last option off the list. My final option was to get out my cross-country skis. Which I really wanted to do, however, my skis were stored up in the shop, above the furnace in that special storage space. That meant I would have to go up there, climb up to that little spot, get them down, and walk back down (apparently I wasn’t highly motivated Saturday). Alas, when my dad came home for lunch, he said he would get my skis down because he had to go up there anyway. Hooray! Thanks, dad. Now I had really better get out there.

And get out there I did. The sunshine was too beautiful to pass up, and after putting on several layers (it was 14 degrees out, after all) I headed out my door and put my skis down. Literally. I am supremely blessed where I live, as I can walk out my door and bike, run, or ski anywhere and everywhere. So, I put my skis down, made my way down the driveway, crossed our quiet little road (yes, I took my skis off for this), and skied to the trail. Perfectly beautiful untouched snow awaited me. It was peaceful and serene, and no sound but that of the swish-swoosh of my skis was to be heard. It was one of those days where I just can’t imagine why people don’t like winter. To see the snow, the way the sun set in the sky, and to quietly and (not-so-)effortlessly glide along was absolutely rejuvenating. Exercise in the colder temps can do that for you; don’t be afraid to get out there – with proper layers on, you’ll be amazed at what you will see and accomplish. And the feeling of being out there when most people wouldn’t is also pretty great; that’s something special that few others in this world will ever experience.


Completely untouched trail awaits! The conditions were so perfect, I am glad I got out there. As I knew I would be once I got myself going!


The sun sinking down through the trees. My tracks were the only signs of life (minus those of a few small animals). How could people miss out on this?!









Now I begin a true heavy week. A heavy lifting session and more mile repeats await me tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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