All for a cause

I work in a corporate fitness facility, and today we were holding a “treadmill relay” in an effort to raise money for the American Heart Association. Our goal was to keep the belt in motion from 5:10am until 7:40pm. Ten dollars gets you ten minutes; you can choose to walk or run yourself or sponsor someone. One individual kept it going for 90 minutes straight – and got a half-marathon in. The treadmill was placed in the atrium of the company to better raise awareness for the event, but that also served as a bit of a deterrent for some people. Nonetheless! When my manager asked me yesterday if I would get on and “speed walk” if she sponsored me, I couldn’t exactly say no, so I obliged. When I arrived for my time slot, I was already bumped up to 20 minutes as a result of the donation of another sponsor.

My manager got a short video in, so I thought I would share it with everyone. I have not partaken in any race walking events since high school, so I was a tad on the rusty side, but not too bad. With race walking – as with walking in general – one foot must remain in contact with the ground at all times. Maintaining contact is what makes walking at a faster pace more challenging, because you do not have the flight phase of a stride; walking fast is significantly harder than running – much more work must be performed by the upper body to propel you forward, and the muscles of the anterior lower leg (shin – anterior tibialis), work significantly more to make sure that you roll heel-to-toe in an effort to keep contact. The knee of the leg that is in contact with the ground is not allowed to bend. Strict rules!

But it was all for a good cause! That’s what matters. It is always good to do good for others.

AHA Treadmill Relay – Race walking action shot!

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2 Responses to All for a cause

  1. trikatykid says:

    That’s cool, Tina! Why didn’t you run, though? Just curious. How much money was raised? I love and miss Welch Allyn – they put so much emphasis on health, it’s incredible. Enjoy it!


    • tinamtri says:

      Thanks, Katy! Abby asked me if I would “speed walk”, more so for the show I suppose, because apparently my normal walking speed is quite the topic of conversation around the place. She wanted (as well as many other people) to see how fast I actually walked, and at what speed I would be at if I were race walking. Kinda like one of those ‘raise so much money and kiss a pig’ or shave your head events – if people put down money, they would get to see how fast I walk. We raised $490 dollars! We weren’t able to keep it going the whole time, but it was more than half. I was impressed with our turnout!


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