86 days

I don’t know how people do it: how they can manage a full-time job, the rigors of an Ironman training schedule, and…keeping up on a blog! I get home, get on my bike for a couple of hours (or more), then throw my sneakers on and go run for an hour (or more), then I’m in and out of the shower and eating dinner ravenously like a competitor in a hot dog eating competition, and then it’s to bed I go. Trying to fit anything else in just doesn’t quite happen. But I’m putting my training time in, let me tell you. There’s no slacking going on there. We are 86 days out from the big race day, and training is going absolutely superb. I put in a nice little 50-miler yesterday afternoon, and a nice IM workout in the pool this morning. It is awesome to finally be able to get out on my bike, and have enough daylight left at the end of the day to be able to stay out there for awhile. Here concludes my quick little update – on to the next thing! Keep plugging along! 86 days away…all systems go!

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