Forget about the Dang Numbers for Once

Freedom = a run on the trails (or road!) without GPS, a watch, or any other fancy equipment. Get out there and just GO. Enjoy it. Get back to doing it the way you most likely started: FOR FUN.

This is an especially important tactic on recovery weeks, and I try to encourange anyone to ditch the watch, because when it is time to recover, it is for both body AND mind, and you can’t do both if you are too absorbed in some dang numbers; you cannot pay attention to what your body is trying to communicate to you if all you are concerned with is your pace and time and numbers on a watch that will change with every training session. There are times when it is appropriate to pay attention to numbers, and times – like recovery weeks, times of stress, or times when you are supremely busy – when it is not. The numbers don’t mean anything. How your body feels is what means something.

Now get out there and try it! Today is a perfect day for that!

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