Food for Thought

“With a seated society comes a toxic mind: because our bodies are still, our minds are racing. So, move your body – and still your mind.”

How much do you really accomplish with a racing mind? How good do you really feel constantly sitting?
Yes, I know, sometimes sitting is warranted.
Let’s get past that point, and back to the main one – how good do you really feel with both of those going on? Not. Good. Why don’t you feel good, and why is your mind racing? Because your body is giving you some subconscious signals to get up and do something, to get up and move, because – you guessed it – it was MADE2MOVE!!!!! SO MOVE!!!! Send some freshly oxygenated blood up to your brain and you’ll be amazed at the productivity that comes over you, the focus, the energy, the calm (yes, both of these) and how much better you feel.
It might even become…addicting!

Made2Move Performance Training is not just about triathlons, or marathons, or swimming – it’s about training and moving the human body however you want to do it; to improve your ability to move and the way you feel. It’s about adopting a lifestyle of movement. Of health. Of enjoyment.

Need a little help? That’s what I’m here for!

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