The Morning Run

Thursdays are usually my swim day, but since my beloved YMCA pool is closed until December 1st for repairs and maintenance, I had to adjust my schedule. Today was either going to be another trainer day, or, if I was feeling really good, a quick little morning jaunt. When I awoke to 27 degree temperatures, nary an air molecule moving, and not a pain manifesting in my hip, I couldn’t resist the urge to get outside. So, I had my usual pre-workout PowerBar, bottle of water, gave it some time to digest, and at 7:30am I went skipping out the door.

I don’t mind running in the cold; in fact, I quite enjoy it. I love all of the seasons, and I love being able to experience them through my running, my swimming, and my cycling. I love to be outside. You just have to be prepared, and it doesn’t take that much.

“I have no control over how fast my opposition can run. It’s not like I can tackle them. All I can do is work harder. Smarter. Train when my opposition doesn’t. In blood-chilling temperatures. Rain. Wind. Sleet.”
– Unknown


My awesome Thursday morning run.

Tricks of the trade: wearing latex gloves underneath your regular gloves will ensure that your digits are kept warm for the entire duration of your outdoor stint. You can buy all those fancy, expensive, “your hands will never be cold” gloves that you want, but do they ever really work? No. Go get a box of latex gloves. You can get 100 for about five bucks. Best cold-weather running investment you will ever make. Hands down (pun intended).

Back to the run. My Thursday morning run turned out to be no ordinary morning run. It marks the first day, the first, real, true, official day that I have felt legitimately AWESOME on my run. No back pain, no hip pain, no tightness in my hamstrings. Nothing. Not before I started, not once I got going, not when I finished. Hooray! It has been a while in the making. I first had hip pain at the beginning of June, it only worsened until I decided to do something about it at the end of July (big mistake there, waiting too long). It wasn’t until the end of October that I graduated from the care of my chiropractor, and was put into the honor-system – doing my assigned stretches and exercises on my own (on my honor) to ensure that I would continue to improve, and banish my pain for good. I kept on the honor system, and you know what? IT WORKED. As with anything, if you stick with it, if you’re patient, if you give it time, you will see success. Too many people expect results in a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months time. When they don’t get these results, they get frustrated, give up, and move on to something else. This is very foolish and naive. It is absolutely impossible to expect the body to turn around and heal in so short a time frame, especially if you’ve had pain and imbalances for quite some time. By constantly changing modalities, your body never gets the proper time it needs to see results, so you’re left continually frustrated and out-of-order. Come on now, don’t do that.

I stuck with it. It took time. It worked. I will continue to stick with it. I feel great. And I had an awesome morning run.

Did I mention it started to snow whilst I was out? It did. It was great. It was…awesome.



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