The Week’s End

It is Sunday evening, just past the 6pm hour, and I’m (not-so-)patiently waiting for the oven to declare its contents (lasagna!) ready for consumption. I had a good workout on the trainer today, and I immediately followed it up with one of my new yoga DVD’s from Rodney Yee. I love Rodney Yee. After 30 minutes of this “slow-pace” yoga, however, I may not have been loving Rodney Yee so much. Nonetheless! I will appreciate every new challenge, as I realize the benefit to me, and not just for my Ironman training – because my life (and my athletic life!) does not end when Ironman does.

This week (Week 5) was witness to a rather big development: the disappearance of my hip pain. And it wasn’t a kidnapping whereby it only returned a couple of days later – it seems to be gone for good. Do not send out any APB’s on this please, as I am not looking to receive it back. Instead, I will continue forward, keeping with my moderately progressing training plan for the next couple of weeks, to ensure that I do not start to over-do things and, as a result, start experiencing hip pain again. This is a large boost of confidence for me; the amount of strength I am feeling right now definitely exceeds any level I have previously attained. That is good, this lets me know I’m really getting somewhere. I owe a lot of this, I believe, to my new-found love of the practice of yoga, as it has made blatant the many imbalances – strength, flexibility, and otherwise – that are found throughout my body. little things 1

This is not bad, however, as it has allowed me to tailor my strength routine (and the rest of my training) toward these imbalances, and the task of restoring a homeostatic state, if you will. I attribute this focus to the strength I am feeling, the greater efficiency in which I move, and, of course, my improved flexibility!

So, with these improvements, I look forward to the tests that Week 6 brings, experiencing the feeling of strength and efficiency I have gained while getting through them, and I look forward with ever-increasing excitement to that ultimate test – race day.


“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”
– John Wooden


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