Nailed it

That’s what I did to my treadmill interval workout today. Nailed it. Completely nailed it. Thanks also to Pepto-to-go, which, had I known about it 10 years ago, would have saved me a lot of bellyaching. Pun intended.

As I stated in my last post – the review of Week 6 – this week brings about an increased level of intensity and effort; it is my hard week. I had a good lifting session this morning, and I am happy to see progress once again with my deadlifts, since my deadlifting had been at a big stall since mid-June. Little steps, little steps. Because little steps will get you to where you want to go. So won’t writing things down and recording them. I have been much more diligent about this thus far, and I think that is also a large contributor – I know the weight, sets, reps, if it felt good, light, or too heavy, or if something needs to be changed. Why wouldn’t you record what you’re doing?! It’s a big investment, and I want to do it right. I want to… NAIL IT.

The afternoon prescription involved some time on the treadmill. Threshold intervals, to be exact. Five minutes at pace (sorry, but paces are between my coach and I, so…me, myself, and I), and 2 minutes recovery – no walking! Not so bad, right? Then you do it 3-4 more times. However, you increase the incline each time, and go back to zero on the last one (so, 0% – 1% – 2% – 3% – 0%). It doesn’t feel too bad until you get to the three percent incline. Five minutes suddenly seems a lot longer. This week, though, I noticed a greater feeling of strength in my legs, I was feeling more efficient with my movement, and my oxygen consumption was definitely improved. So, what does all that mean? I’m getting faster, stronger, and more efficient at a faster pace! Keep it comin’! Let’s keep going!

I have one more cycle of these intervals; they fit perfectly with my plan, as each week they increase in time, and then recover on the fourth week. The first week is 3:1, second week 4:1, third week 5:2. After this next cycle, it will be time to start introducing more challenging speed routines, and I am confident that by this time, my hip/back/hamstring complex will be completely ready and up to task. I completed today’s session without a wink of ache or pain, so another cycle to fully acclimate to my re-found strength is a good idea – suddenly incorporating a major jump in intensity now would be foolish. Allow me to use a financial comparison: if you win $100, it is better to save it and/or invest it and watch it grow. Turning around and immediately spending it on lottery tickets could leave you with one million dollars, yes, or, most likely, no money left at all. Got it? I’m investing my strength!

Get out there and nail it!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    **snickers at the “nailing it” comments**


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