Change of Plans

Have a better day.

This is what the (rather cute) police officer who pulled me over yesterday morning (at 4:22am) for a missing headlight said as he departed. It hasn’t been a bad one, I thought.

That was how my day started. A slight disruption in the morning was going to lead to a slight disruption in my schedule in the afternoon (to get my light fixed), but I would still be able to get my long run in, I said to myself. I’d been looking forward to getting out and testing the endurance of my legs for awhile now, and I was finally going to get a chance!

When I got home, the weather was looking a bit iffy. It was still rather warm out (35ish), and even though the winds were picking up, I decided I was going to get out there and do it. I’ve run in worse. My run starts out great, but by mile two significant precipitation was falling from the sky. Five miles in, I think I hit my new worst; the ice pellets pelting me in the face with gusty winds and dropping temps convinced me that it was not worth it to stay out there. That, and I was already pushing the boundaries of daylight. Change of plans, I said. Long run is not going to be today.

This morning I awoke with excitement: the pool is finally back open! I can swim again! I get out the door in record pace, so I can be the first in the water at 5:30am. I walk in to the Y and am greeted by one of my favorite people on earth, followed by the words, “the temperature is 67 degrees”. Oh, no. The lifeguard then walks around the corner, perfectly timed, and corroborates this statement. I ‘hmm’d and haww’d’ a bit, and decided I would give it a try. I’ve swam in colder, I thought.

(anyone notice a pattern here?)

I had gotten everything packed up and I waited two weeks for the pool, I wasn’t going to turn back now! So I get all my pool toys together and walk into the freshly-renovated aquatics area. I stick my toe in the water. Barely. Eh, not so bad. I sit on the edge of the pool, and stick my feet in. Ahhh! Cold! Knowing a little about physiology, I knew that the age-old ‘just jump in’ was not going to be the smartest way to acclimate myself to the water, especially at such a cold temperature. Slowly, allowing my body to get used to it, and maintain sufficient circulation to my entire body, was better. It took me almost 20 minutes to fully get in the water. The lifeguard thanked me for coming in that morning and providing his morning entertainment. He’s a good kid.

Finally, I push off. I’m swimming! It feels great! The water isn’t that bad! I finish my warm-up. I start my descending-pace 50’s. I was fine when I was in the water and going, but stopping and starting, not so much. I decided I would try a longer warm-up, and started with some kicking, after about 300 yards of kicking, I wasn’t warming up…I was cooling down. Ok. Change of plans, I said. Swim isn’t going to happen today.


Probably the worst picture I have ever taken. But if you could see what I saw – an amazing sunrise, the road dropping off, and fields aplenty – you wouldn’t see the worst picture, but amazing scenery.

I’m back home. I can either run, get on the trainer, or pack everything up again and swim at the Y in Skaneateles before work. After some deliberation, I decided I would run…I would give the long run another go. It was cold out, but the sun was shining, and the air was still. The radar was clear.

Everything happens for a reason. I fully believe this, and the chain of events that began yesterday morning prove it. This morning I ran the farthest I have run in quite some time, completely pain free to the fullest extent. I felt great. I felt awesome. And I was so glad I had a change of plans.

If something happens that prevents you from getting in a prescribed workout, it’s ok. A change of plans could mean that something better is in store, you just have to be patient. Don’t waste time and energy fretting about it. Carry on.

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