Week 8: Recovery in Review

Well, this was certainly not the recovery week I was anticipating. Maybe I was recovering from a physical stand point, but mentally, there was no such thing. I believe I touched on this in my last post (Totally Out of Sync) and I will say that I am still totally out of sync. However, routine is slowly restoring.

I guess the best parts of my recovery week occurred on the last two days of it – Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning I got in a nice, long, session of yoga – an entire two hours worth. That session itself was almost enough to restore the balance of the week. Saturday evening I took place in my first 5k in quite some time, and my first race during my new training program since getting things straightened back around with my hip and back (literally).

I’ve lost some speed, and this I knew and was expecting, but I have without a doubt gained strength. A lot of it. The difference in my form, my stride – everything – is so amazing to me that I can only look with great anticipation as to where I will be within the next few months. I don’t need to hurry; as I’ve stated before, this will only slow you down in the long run. I wish I could adequately describe to you the difference I feel; every time I plant my foot, every time the muscles in my legs contract to keep my forward momentum going fluidly – to put it simply, it is awesome.

Along comes Sunday morning, and a long, impatiently awaited and anxiously anticipated moment…my Sunday morning swim. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. Sunday morning at 10am I was able to swim at my beloved Y in my beloved little pool, with the water temperature a perfectly lovely 78 degrees. I had a lane to myself, and nearly the whole pool (all four lanes of it), save another soul who braved the still slightly cooler than normal temps for a short while. I was elated. I even had some IM work incorporated into this swim – and boy, has my body missed my IM work. My heart was pounding, my lungs were heaving, and my muscles slightly complaining (possibly also due in part to all the yoga and inversion work the previous morning), but boy oh boy, did I enjoy every minute of my float-around time.


My Sunday morning swim. Short and sweet. And it kicked my ass. This workout never used to kick my butt so much, but my time out of the pool certainly did a little number. I expect that by the beginning of the next cycle, my swim conditioning will be back in order (or pretty close to it).

It is now Week 9 (where does the time go?), and it is time to begin to progress my training slightly more aggressively. My hip, back, and hamstring have been pain-, problem-, and symptom-free for a solid 2-3 weeks now, so it’s time to start upping the ante. Faster intervals, longer interval sets, and longer runs (finally! Woo!) are now popping up onto my schedule.Time to see just how far my newly-developed strength will take me. And how much more strength I can gain.

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