So long 2014 (and December)…

Yes, this is one of those year-end reflections. Or month-end. Definitely month-end, because December handed me quite a walloping this year.


Crossing into 2015! (This is from one of my favorite trails to run. And I only need to head across the road to get on it, the old railroad bed).

First of all, allow me to correct an earlier statement. In my post Monday, I stated that this week – Week 11 – is my second build week. That would be incorrect – it is my third build week, aka my “heavy” or “hard” week. Well, as luck would have it (and this seemed to be a recurring theme for December), I ended up with one heck of a nasty head cold – which progressed to head AND chest cold – at the close of this past weekend. In other words, because I haven’t been able to breathe, I haven’t been able to sleep (albeit intermittently), so I therefore feel tired, and because when you’re sick your heart rate increases to increase your body temperature so that the enzymes and antibodies necessary to fight off the cold can become activated and working at the proper temperature (whew! got that all in), my effort levels have increased substantially. In simple terms, I’ve had to make this a recovery week. Much to my disliking.

I know what some people may think, that maybe I don’t seem that motivated and that I seem rather “laid-back” when it comes to my training. It’s just a cold, Tina! On the contrary, I am EXTREMELY motivated, and I’m not about to risk a training day when my body simply is not up for it, thinking that I’ll be better in the long run for getting something in instead of getting nothing in. Again, on the contrary. Trying to pound pavement for 16 miles today isn’t going to better me, instead, it could end up setting me back for days, or weeks, and that could even turn into months when you string the compound effects together. I’m not about to do that. I wish more people would get this into their heads.

I’m not saying I haven’t been doing anything, because I did get in a good lift this week, and I’ve been getting on my bike for 30-45 minutes. I’m just not getting outside. Or into the pool. Which is how this whole cold started. By getting water in my ear, and it finding another way to get out (through my sinuses). (And in my mind I’m repeating, “I love swimming, I love swimming, I still love swimming…)

Yes, December was a humdinger for me. Finishing up two certifications that took a large amount of time, and then I end up sick. Jeepers! Well ending the year on a “low” note and starting the next year on that “low” note, means that this year – 2015 – has to end on a high note! Right?!

2014 was not, of course, a bad year. I mean, I did FINALLY get that trophy for winning fantasy football…in 2013. And I did get signed up for this whole Ironman thing. I suppose I did have a couple of good races in there, too. However, I am looking ahead to what lies in store for 2015. I now have to really start to solidify my race schedule in the time leading up to Ironman, and every month my training plan has to get a little tighter, a little more progressive, a little more pinpoint – the gains of each month shaping what I will do in the next.


Yes, this is my name, on a trophy for something related to football. Yes, something other than a triathlon-related sport. I have to be proud of it. I mean, who’dve thought?!


CHAMPION. In big words. Fantasy Football CHAMPION.


For the full effect. (Have I included enough snapshots yet?)


It is exciting. Very exciting. It’s here, it’s here! It’s really here! And July 26th, will, without a doubt, be here before you know it. Here we go! Bring it on!

Here’s to 2015!

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One Response to So long 2014 (and December)…

  1. Bill Ballard says:

    Looking forward to you handing over that trophy to me soon…..,,,and to a great training year for you too!


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