Challenge Workout

Alrighty. Here we are, bright and early on this lovely Wednesday morning, the 28th day of January, year 2015. I am here to make good on a challenge I was issued by an 11 year-old. The challenge? To see if I could do the workout that he did in his gym class, and how many times I could get through it.

Here’s the workout:

Round 1:
53 jump ropes
19 body weight squats
7 plank walks

Round 2:
53 ski jumpers
25 lunges
19 triceps bends
7 burpees

The goal is to get through as many times in 10 minutes as possible (10 minutes for each round).

I have to admit, this was a rather humbling experience. I had my morning class take part as well. I believe it proved to be a bit more challenging than we all thought.

He made it through 8 2/3 times on the first round, and 5 1/2  times for the second. How many times did I get through it? Watch the video and figure it out!

{equation should read: (the year that Christopher Columbus discovered America – 1400) / 9 + .1}

Action shots

Action shots – again!

If anyone else out there wants to issue a challenge, send it my way! Bring it on!

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One Response to Challenge Workout

  1. Ben says:

    Sam thought that was very cool!!! And he is already thinking of another challenge. (Although, we are having trouble with your math!?!)


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