(In It For) The Long Run – the review of Week 15

Saturday. The day of the long run. Yesterday. The sun was rather resplendent, but the temperatures were not. Neither were the roads. It was going to be another of those days where I had to make another decision. Run outside? Get on my bike? Head to the pool? Get out my skis? Abandon all plans and eat ice cream?! Or…

….get on the treadmill. Like a little kid that doesn’t like carrots and will avoid them at all costs, I have the same attitude about doing any kind of leg work on the treadmill for an extended period of time. Blech! Turn my head away, and avoid by all means necessary! Unlike the little kid, however (or maybe similar to that little kid), I know that I like running (carrots). Whether it’s outside (steamed carrots) or inside on the treadmill (raw carrots – I don’t like raw as much), running is running, and I need to get my miles in. How can I survive 15 miles on the treadmill…

Break it up. I’ve been doing my mile repeat and interval workouts on the treadmill, and these workouts have been in the range of 10 miles or so, and that time seems to fly by. So, I decided I would break it into thirds. Take the first 5 miles at an easy to moderate pace, the middle five miles at a faster pace, and the last five miles back down to the moderate pace. So, did I do it? How’d it go?!…

I comfortably finished up under two hours. My first five miles seemed to fly by (I did have some good music going), and when I got to my hard miles, I picked it up just slightly more than I originally intended, and when I rounded that final “lap” for the last mile, I decided I still had plenty left in the tank and I would keep going. Another lap passed. And another. And then another. I ended up going six miles at my hard pace, before I turned it back down. I gradually picked up the pace the last four miles (after slowing it down a bit), with a quarter-mile sprint at the end of each mile. I was glad to be done, and happy with how it went. I nailed it, and it wasn’t as bad as I had thought it was going to be. Oh, and did I mention I had it on an incline the entire time? And my legs were still sore from my strength routine Friday afternoon.treadmill running

Anyways. I got my long run in this week. Check! I got my long brick workout in this week (on Wednesday), check! I got both of my strength workouts in, my mile repeats, and three solid swims – including today’s big one, which was quite the challenge. Check, check, and check!

For the build week after a recovery week, Week 15 certainly packed quite the punch. But I was ready. And I handled it. And I am most definitely looking forward to my rest day tomorrow. I worked hard this week, and I can feel it now. Not in a bad way – in a very satisfied, I-got-my-work-done-and-I-did-it-well way. Which means a rest day is certainly in order. And I’m looking forward to it.

One-hundred and seventy-some-odd days until race day. I’m going to make sure I do things right every day, every week, every month until then. Because I’m in this for the long run.

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