The ’67 Camaro

It’s that time of year. The time of year when daylight lessens and temperatures are dropping, and wait a minute. That’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about running. More specifically – I’m talking about time on the treadmill. Getting the wheels moving, greasing them, priming them, and getting them fully prepared for next season. I’m talking about dusting off the inner speed demon and getting her ready to roll.

That’s what time of year it is. I might really enjoy cold weather running (ok, so maybe not all of the time) but this is the perfect time to take to the inside, to the treadmill. It livens things up a bit, instead of continually drudging out miles on a cold and windy and rainy or snowy day.


I totally want this car. But keeping to my analogy – this was me (in the works!) this morning; polishing up the speed demon!

I have not laid down some speed in quite some time, and the feeling of this was quite evident as I turned my legs over for my workout this morning. It was not a bad feeling, just a feeling of, ‘oh, hey, we’ve haven’t done this in awhile and we’re not very efficient at it’. Yes, there may have been cobwebs, there may have been dust, but like a well-kept ’67 Camaro that hasn’t been fired up in quite some time and emits a cloud of exhaust upon starting but then…it purrs along beautifully. Yes, today I was a ’67 Camaro (ok, so that may not be the best analogy, but it’s what came to me and the Camaro is my dream car so it’ll have to do for now).

Ok. Enough chatter. What was the prescription for today? After a thorough warm-up, it was time for some incline intervals as follows:

3 minutes run, 1 minute recovery at 0%
3 minutes run, 1 minute recovery at 1%
3 minutes run, 1 minute recovery at 2%
3 minutes run, 1 minute recovery at 3%
3 minutes run, 1 minute recovery at 0%

Each run interval must be completed at the same pace, and there must be no walking on the recovery – if you feel the need to walk, you are going too fast. The goal is to be aggressive, but controlled and consistent. When you get to that last interval – 0% – it feels like you are going downhill. It is awesome.

After I did these, I gave myself a walking recovery lap, and then hammered out some 400’s at a pace faster than I had completed the incline intervals – time to bring it home and finish it out!

Now to stay consistent with it – next week should bring 4 minute intervals, if I am diligent enough and get in my earlier-in-the-week speed routine (it was 24×200 this week). We’ll see how it goes, and maybe I will even stay consistent with my reporting back! Hang on to your hats but don’t hold your breath!

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2 Responses to The ’67 Camaro

  1. lwcaveman says:

    I’m with you, move to the treadmill and keep moving. Free the beast my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tinamtri says:

    Absolutely! Unleash the beast and let it keep going. May you do the same! Run on!


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