You can’t make up for a crappy eating day

This post is taken from my post-workout Strava post this morning – my Strava posts have been blog-post-worthy as of late, so I thought I would share, as I feel maybe some of the little tidbits could prove lesson-learning for more individuals than just myself…

It never fails – if you have a day where you are not particularly stellar in the nutrition department, the workout the following morning will also be not particularly stellar. However, this morning it definitely could have been much worse, because I really didn’t do that bad. My brain just didn’t want to show up today.

Ok. The workout:

400 warm-up

1×500 on 8:00 descending pace each 100 (this was actually pretty good)
5×100 on 1:40
4×50 on 1:00 drill/swim – stroke
4×100 on 2:00 IM (there was a time when I wasn’t able to hold this interval, and I can now and I did today, so that’s good – kept each under 1:30)

4×100 on 2:00 kick – no board (I didn’t want to stick my face in the water anymore and I was hot so I used a board) (and of course I don’t use fins)

10×50 on :55 25 build + 25 fast
3×100 on 1:40 50 build + 50 fast
4×50 on 1:05 kick – no board (F it, I used a board)

400 cool-down

Definitely feeling stronger, so much so that even on the days when my mind doesn’t particularly feel inclined to show up, I can still churn out a good workout. Now if my mind could start showing up more often!

Also – the pool was too hot today, Strava. Why has it been so hot lately? I know I’m gonna get warmed up and sweat and everything, but sheesh.

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