Test Set Consistency

(Another Strava piece)

I planned ahead in ways aside from my Tuesday morning workout – as in, I knew things were probably going to be running behind no matter what I did, so that made it a prime day for a test set workout. It was time for me to do one anyway – perfect!

The assignment:

Warm-up set:
400 swim
300 kick (100 w/board, 100 w/fins on back, 100 w/fins side kick)
200 pull
8×50 on :55 build (essentially, 15 seconds of rest)

Test set:
8×100 on 3:00 AFAP

Cool-down set:
100 easy kick
300 cool-down

So yea. Consistent. Which is good. But it definitely was not the *absolute* fastest I could do – I think my Monday morning workout (I switched my rest day to Sunday this week) combined with shoveling in the afternoon might have used up a little – just a little – of my energy. I was feeling a bit tired, so I was surprised that I managed even this. So I am pleased. Ultimately, however, I’d like to see this set done in the 1:18-1:19 range, working my way down from there.

The goal was to focus on form as I fatigued. Which I did, I really did. Or I tried. Especially the last couple – but that’s when my shoveling arm flipped me the bird. Or two. But I fought back, told it to keep reaching, rotating, keeping it’s elbow high on the catch, keep pulling, and to suck it up.

We made it through, and performed fairly well. On to the next one!


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