Sometimes, I don’t want to eat a salad either

I thought that it might be a good time to introduce myself and my business a bit more, or, at least, explain the background, my vision, and my dream. I will refrain from a complete rehash as to how this all got started, something you can find here, but I will explain and extrapolate a bit to go along with what is currently happening.

When I first got this thing officially up and running just over a year ago, I had everything planned out – I had done my market research, looked at how other coaches and business set themselves up, how they operated, and what they charged. I looked at their background and experience and education. I compared it with mine. I then set myself up similar to the rest of the coaching arena and advertised prices that reflected the area I was in compared with my experience and education compared with those around me. I ‘thought’ I was doing me: getting my business and my way of training people out there. It all looked great, it all sounded great. Heck, maybe all of it even was great. But there was a problem: it wasn’t working.

Why wasn’t it working? It has taken me all of this time to realize – and I think that is also part of the process, part of the path to success, this time in limbo – to realize that I wasn’tduh doing me, I wasn’t being myself. Yes, it did indeed take all of those revamps and re-thoughts and updates, to realize that I wasn’t actually doing me. I was trying to be myself in someone else’s mold. Well, duh! That doesn’t work!

Fast-forward to now: I have (once again) re-vamped my website, this time without trying to be like others. I have updated my services and prices to what makes more sense to me and why I got into this in the first place and why I want to do it: to help people. To make available to those who might not otherwise have access to or be able to afford coaching, training, and advice at the highest level possible. I don’t care to train elites. I want to work with YOU. The culture of American sport and fitness is so backwards – we give the elites and those with the most money the best exercise scientists and coaches around. Everyone has potential – money and status shouldn’t matter. And really, elites don’t need help learning to move properly or execute their skills properly – they are already doing it! That’s why they are elite! Coach or no coach, they would still be at the top of their game. (This also becomes a conversation that could hold up entirely on its own. So to risk getting to lengthy and technical, I will continue on.)

So here I am, doing my best to be as educated and knowledgeable as possible and bring it to you.

As I come to a close, I will circle back to the title, as by now many of you are probably saladwondering, ‘what does any of this have to do with salad?’. What does it have to do with salad? Nothing. Other than what I had planned on having for dinner tonight (salad), is not what I had, because I just didn’t feel like it. I know I’ve caught some sniffles and I was feeling a bit malaise, so I just did not feel like having that salad. I had a bowl of cereal instead. And you know what? That’s ok. I’m not perfect. Neither are you. I might be an avid exerciser, an exercise specialist with one heck of an educational background and a lover of salads, but I am also human. Just like you. Just like all of us. Don’t be afraid to be you, to make your own decisions, to make a new plan; you never know what might come of it. So, have that salad. Or don’t. You know you best. And you know what else? Whatever you chose, it will be ok. Just be yourself. 🙂

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