When the body says ‘sleep’…

…You listen. You sleep. And no, this does not mean you can take advantage and say, ‘oh, this means I need to sleep all the time!’. No. That is not the correct interpretation. That interpretation is laziness. You do not meet goals and succeed that way. But I will not digress on that tangent further. Back to the topic!

This means that when you are not feeling well, when something within you feels a bit off, or when you have been training a lot or getting in a lot of strenuous exercise with maybe not the best refueling plan and probably not a lot of rest – your body will need sleep and  you will give it what it needs.sleep-zz

Why am I bringing this up? Because I had this very experience last evening. I finished work, came home, changed and went out to run some hill repeats. I had been feeling a bit crappy on Tuesday (as those who perused my previous post might recall), and after forgoing my afternoon workout (because I was listening to my body), and getting to bed in fairly decent shape, I woke up feeling significantly better yesterday (that would be Wednesday). So, with all sorts of vim and vigor I stepped out the door, ran some hills, came back, had a good dinner, got all my dishes washed and everything prepped for the next morning, and settled down with a flurry of excitement about how much free time I now had to get some work done. Work such as tidying up the ‘services’ page on this very website, working on some programs (like the upcoming 5k program), and getting a post written. But no sooner had I started upon my tasks, did a lethargic feeling begin to take hold. And by take hold I mean – put a weighted blanket of fatigue upon my body and eyelids. ‘Oh’, I mused, ‘I’ll just close my eyes for a bit, it’s ok, my body must need it’. This was shortly after 5:30pm. I struggled against the invisible weighted blanket of sleep to keep my eyes open and brain focused under this new-found weight, until I finally gave in. What I thought was a short period of rest found me waking up at 8:57pm. So much for that work I thought I was going to get done. I shut everything down and put my torpid body to bed. It was grateful. I was grateful.

This morning I woke up and had a great run. It pays to listen to your body. Really, legitimately, honestly, listen to your body.

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