Be a Culinary Explorer

I am going to make this as short and to-the-point as possible:
Explore. WITH YOUR FOOD.explorer

I am asked A LOT of questions pertaining to nutrition – from recipes, to meal timing, to what to eat for weight loss – I’ve fielded it all and then some. What I notice is that it really all boils down to a few simple things:

  1. Resistance to change, often in the form of not wanting to come to terms with the fact that maybe, just maybe, your current way of doing things/eating is wrong – and no one likes to admit to being wrong.
  2. Trying to change and anything and everything startingallatoncerighthererightnownogoingback. Huh? What??! SLOW DOWN
  3. Impatience.

These methods do not work. Obviously. Has anyone ever met with success by doing any of these three things, let alone these three things altogether? No. And with the improbable chance that they have, whatever change is achieved will not be sustainable. So really, that still is not success.

Ok, so how do we do it? How do we improve our eating habits, our weight, our fitness?

Here’s my remedy to the above three:

  1. Don’t think of change – especially as it relates to your diet – as giving up the things you like. Why would anyone give up the things they like? Duh. Don’t do that. Think of it as exploring with and discovering NEW things that you like – new favorite meals and foods. Because they are out there. You just have to go all Christopher Columbus on them. Or Andrew Zimmern. Be a culinary explorer. So you tried something and you didn’t like it? BIG DEAL. Don’t try it again, and move on to something else. Just because you didn’t like ONE THING doesn’t mean you are not going to like anything else. I mean really. Come on now.


    Bring out your inner explore and see what tasty things you can concoct!

  2. Start small. Seriously. Start by trying one simple substitute, one new recipe each week, one new food. Write down 8-10 different goals that you will achieve each week for the next 8-10 weeks. Seriously. DO IT. If you want that change, and you are really, truly ready for it and willing to do what you need, then you’ll do it. You cannot meet with success by trying to upend and change everything about your diet and lifestyle all at one time. That’s too much to take on; you will be overwhelmed and so won’t your body – it will give you all sorts of signals that it’s not happy.
  3.  The human body evolved over BILLIONS of years. It is pretty foolish and absolutely unrealistic to expect it to undergo any type of change – especially a great change – in such a short time period as two weeks, or two months, or even a year. You have to have patience. Or else you will continually end up frustrated and will end up spinning your wheels right where you are. As you have been. And is that working? No. So try it this way.

thinking-lightbulbThe way you look at and approach a change to your lifestyle will have a great impact on what it is you are trying to achieve. Look at it positively, with excitement and eagerness.

Ok. I think that about sums it up. As short and as simply as I could possibly do. If nutrition is power-of-positivitysomething you are struggling with, especially if you are trying to lose weight – find a registered dietician to consult with. Even a couple of appointments could go a long way to helping you get on the right path. And don’t hesitate to throw some questions my way as well – I will do my best to help you get some answers and understand things a bit better.

Eat well, move well, and be merry, friends!yes-you-can-pic

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