A Quick Rant

frustrationOk. I cannot hold my tongue on this any longer. It REALLY bothers me when I see people in the pool –  and really this particular peculiarity is rather specific to triathletes – who are using a GPS WATCH IN THE POOL. For gosh sakes – STOP USING A WATCH IN THE POOL. THAT’S WHAT THE PACE CLOCK IS FOR. LEARN HOW TO USE IT. LEARN HOW TO READ YOUR BODY AKA USE YOUR BODY.

Seriously. Stop relying on external data to tell you what is going on and what you are doing when you should be able to internally interpret – without much thought – what your body is doing, how it is performing, and any adjustments that might be necessary to attain optimal results based upon how you are feeling on that day, on that very instant, relative to what you have set out to do.

Phew! Ok. Got that out. Or a short bit of it anyway. If you want to know more on why this bothers me, and why the pace clock is a better way to train – just ask me!

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